Reception Counters

Front desk counter is a showcase for every company. Such counters are most often placed at the reception, where they welcome the present and potential customers. It is essential to make sure that every person visiting our company feels special. Apart from being elegant, our reception desks have a functional and aesthetic role. While sitting at Wuteh’s reception desks, your employees will be able to carry out their tasks with efficiently and comfort. We are confident that in a wide range of WUTEH reception counters you will find one ideally suited to the character of your business.

We recommend classic reception desks: Terra and Vega and more modern ones like: Diamond, Illusion and Magic. Wide colors and materials will allow you to adjust the reception character to the entire company image. The modular Linus and Vega counters give you the opportunity to build long, multi-station reception. Additionally, the LED lighting of the counter can be used on most of the models.

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