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Furniture Factory Wuteh

Furniture Factory WUTEH S.A. produces the office and hotel furniture since the early ‘90s and belongs to the leading office furniture manufacturers in Poland. Our wide range of products includes the solutions for offices, receptions, meeting rooms, manager’s rooms and hotels. We cooperate with top producers of office chairs in Poland.
The offer is based on our customers’ demands and expectations. The Quality Policy is one of the most important elements of our strategy.

President of Board

marek_chojnacki Marek Chojnacki graduated from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW), majoring in wood technology. He has over 25 years of experience in the furniture industry. He completed pedagogical college. He participated in many training courses and programs on topics related to marketing, economics and management. In 1990 he participated in the conduct of one of the first privatization in Torun. His career also began in Torun in Vocational Education Centre (ZDZ). In 2000-2004 he served as Director of the department for Haste International Ltd, and President of the Board for Haste Concept in Sepolno Krajenskie. Since 2004 he has served as President of the Board for Furniture Factory Wuteh. His biggest passions are sailing and travelling. He is also an enthusiast of new technologies.


ISO 9001 Certificate

Since 2011 we produce furniture according to quality management standards ISO:9001. It took us almost half of a year to introduce these standards. Management of all Wuteh departments participated in this process. What does it mean for our Clients?

Obtaining ISO certificate requires meeting restrictive demands regarding quality control in the company. The most important areas of functioning of the company have to be described formally as procedures. An external company monitors and evaluates if Wuteh meets the applicable requirements and follows all the procedures. The support of ISO:9001 allows us to control and improve the quality of our activities effectively. As a result, Wuteh’s Clients can benefit from:

  • guarantee of on-time deliveries,
  • certainty that the delivery will be coherent with the placed order,
  • efficient consideration of any claims from the Clients,
  • quality control of goods delivered by our suppliers,
  • evaluation of Client’s satisfaction after purchasing of products.


International orders

Last year we sold furniture to 25 countries. Among our Clients there were users from EU, Eastern Europe but also from Saudi Arabia. We are glad to note a growth of export incomes. Thanks to diversity of our target markets we can plan new investments with a greater sense of stability.


This year we count on further development of cooperation with foreign companies as the potential is still remarkably big. We diligently follow data from Google Analytics which allow us to check in which countries our website was visited. Please find above map of visits from 2013.

FSC Certificate

Poland has the fifth biggest area of FSC forests in the world. Larger areas are situated only in Canada, Russia, USA and Sweden. In 2012 631 Polish companies were using FSC certificate. Wuteh is among those companies. What does it mean for the purchaser, is it worth to buy furniture with FSC logo?

Currently, more customers expect a guarantee for the origin of the wooden materials and ecological production. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certificate confirms that our wood based products are sourced from responsible forestry and controlled cultivation. Environmentally appropriate forest management supports our commitment to healthy habitat.

zdjęcie FSC

There is a number of criteria stating if a forest is managed in a sustainable way. All the requirements have been divided into 10 categories and written down in the official FSC documentation.

The FSC forest requirements include:

  • diversity of young and old trees,
  • lifeless timber can decompose naturally,
  • fauna and flora are protected,
  • cut out trees are replaced with new ones.

Due to financial reasons there are still forests without FSC certificate. The cheapest way of gaining wood is deforestation. It means that all the trees are cut out on a particular area. As a result, a forest is replaced with a sandy barren. It is hard to renew the original flora on such areas. Newly planted trees are vulnerable to diseases and insects.

Thanks to restrictive EU law the majority of the forests fulfill the requirements of FSC certification. The situation is quite different in the countries surrounding EU from which Poland imports wood.

Wood with FSC certificate is more expensive than the uncertified. Low sales margins of furniture producers often do not allow to cover these costs. That is why the producers gradually implement FSC certification. They give their Clients a choice and offer furniture with FSC guaranty with a slightly higher price than the same items without the certification.

Furniture produced according to FSC standards are purchased mostly by schools, universities, public administration and other institutions which are concerned about abiding rules of sustainable development. FSC furniture is less popular among private users.

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