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Smile office range
Smile office range

An effective design of table frames in black metal with…

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  • Furniture Factory WUTEH - our offer

    Office furniture

    We specialize in production of high quality office furniture, characterized by unique and effective design. Our offer is a wide range of products in classic and modern styles that will perfectly emphasize any type of interior. WUTEH office furniture are functional and ergonomic desks or tables that make it easy to perform everyday duties at work. Our office furniture is the best solution for your business. If you would like to know more about our offer, please take a look at our website or contact us.

    Executive furniture

    Furniture Factory WUTEH also offers attractive executive furniture that will be a strong point of any arrangement. Five systems are available for sale - they are designed for managers, directors and their needs. Our products are distinguished not only by their impressive shapes or colours but also by high quality materials, which will make each module look impeccably for many years.


    Our offer also includes reception units of a high standard that will perfectly suit any commercial interior. WUTEH receptions are a wide range of design products - they combine not only the impressive colours but also various materials. Our reception furniture also provide freedom of arrangement - the counters are available in modular systems, so you can easily adjust them to the room characteristics.

    Hotel furniture

    In WUTEH, in addition to office furniture, we design and produce hotel furniture of the highest quality, functional and unique in appearance. Each module is made of materials that are distinguished by high damage and adverse effects resistance. We offer three systems: Dream, Nox and Luna - elements are available in a wide range of colours, so they will fit into any interior. Our furniture will satisfy even the most demanding guests.


    In our company, the Customer is most important, so WUTEH offer is flexible and every entrepreneur can buy a single module currently needed. We offer bookcases - products signed by our brand are distinguished by high functionality and resistance to destruction. Wide range of shapes and colours makes WUTEH modules ideally matching classic and modern interiors.


    Office cabinets is our next proposal for people who not only value aesthetics but also practicality. Office furniture in this category are modules made of high-quality materials - even in intensive use, WUTEH products will perform well for many years. Wide selection of cabinets enables to design an arrangement that meets even the most demanding tastes.


    The aim of our Company is to design and produce office furniture that will not only meet the aesthetic taste of our Clients but will also facilitate their work. An indispensable element of the equipment are pedestals . Our modules are distinguished by high standards of materials and finishes. The wide range of products allows you to create unique and functional interiors that will make your daily work in the office easier.