Lockery PLUS

The intelligent locker is the answer of Fabryka Mebli WUTEH S.A. to the changing mode and style of office work. Its task is to properly manage storages and streamline work


Linia mebli modułowych KUBIKI do tworzenia dowolnych gotowych zestawów. Poszczególne elementy łączone są ze sobą poprzez złącza meblowe wewnętrzne. System pozwala na zbudowanie ciągów przybiurkowych, kwietników z siedziskami oraz modułów


Ergonomic electrically adjustable desk. A polished overlay adds elegance. You can adjust the height of the desk to a comfortable working position.  

Multimedia ports

Multimedia ports are a modern complement to offices and conference rooms. They are mounted to the holes in the desktops, a wide selection of different shapes and configurations.

Cable trays

Cable trays are used to organize cabling. We offer horizontal under-desk trays and vertical cable channels, necessary to carry out cabling from the desk to the floor.


Focus as a combination of classic decors with an innovative frame creates an elegant form that fits both to the standard workspace but also to an executive suite. Hygiene class


AVO desks is a sleek and elegant design, the A-shaped metal leg gives optical lightness and at the same time is a stable basis for worktops in various shapes. Hygiene class


Nomo is a simple yet modern example of office desks perfectly fitted to the current trends. Very carefully refined joins of the frame emphasize the aesthetics of the desk. Hygiene

Clover meeting tables

The CLOVER collection of conference tables is a proposal of tables for modern conference rooms. The ergonomic shape of the tops allows you to conduct business conversations or training conveniently.


“Komo is a proposal for a customer who sees value in stable, comprehensive solutions.” A variety of elements ensures the creation of functional and ergonomic workplaces. “The Komo system is


The Flex-R is an impressive frame version that gives the possibility to adjust the height of the worktop to the individual needs of the user (version with step height adjustment).


Smile’s impressive model of the desk frame in black with chrome elements provide both positive visual qualities and functionality Hygiene class E1 Two-sided melamine plate Dielectricity Ds-2, d0 Standard colors


The GATO modular system allows you to build walls you prefer. The combination of elements made of melamine board and metal is a way to create any shelving system. Possibility


The Geos desk line is characterized by an original and visually light desk frame, a wide range of tabletop shapes, which gives a large composition flexibility in the office arrangement.


Adjustable leg height is a function of the POLO system, which allows you to adapt the desk to a comfortable and rational office equipment. Hygiene class E1 Two-sided melamine plate


Vega is a classic traditional design which allows to furnish your office in economical way. When modern finishes are applied, it becomes timeless. Hygeneclass E1 Two-sided melamine plate Two-sided melamine


Arranging the office space for a call center requires the use of many practical solutions that will help employees to perform their work. We offer a wide selection of panel


The BALWOO collection is an offer of office furniture based on warm oak wooden legs. Desks come in two versions: with a fixed top and a sliding top that allows


The BALWOO collection is an offer of office furniture based on warm oak wooden legs. Desks come in two versions: with a fixed top and a sliding top that allows


The BALWOO collection is an offer of office furniture based on warm oak wooden legs. Desks come in two versions: with a fixed top and a sliding top that allows


The BALWOO collection is an offer of office furniture based on warm oak wooden legs. Desks come in two versions: with a fixed top and a sliding top that allows


Desk modesty panels – additional equipment. The panels can be made of melamined board or metal powder-painted in RAL colors from our sampler.


The BALWOO collection is an offer of office furniture based on warm oak wooden legs. We recommend wooden handles for all cabinets and wooden legs for cabinets from Profi and


Screens made of MFC panel for installation between desks. They allow you to separate the space and create more privacy.


Conference and coffee tables are very practical. A wide selection of tops and frames makes it easy to adapt the table to the entire office concept. Choose from a large

Loft coffee tables

A line of modern and minimalistic LOFT tables. LOFT table tops are made of 18mm thick, double-sided MFC panel, finished with ABS edge. The frame is made of a steel

Folding tables

Folding tables – a functional solution for large and small conference rooms. They can be arranged according to your own project. Easy assembly allows problemless and quick table setting in


High tables prove to work well during meetings with clients. They enable an interesting arrangement of the office. High tables separate zones in the office space.


Ergonomic operation ensured by smooth height adjustment of SKY desks in the range from 650 to 1290 mm. The modern three-column leg can be in white, black or silver. The


Profi high-quality cabinets perfectly fit into any office space. The back wall is made of 3.2 mm thick HDF panel. Profi wardrobes are a combination of functionality and attractive appearance,


Profi Max office cabinets are necessary equipment for offices and offices. Aesthetically made wardrobes with the possibility of installing transparent sites will allow for functional arrangement of the office space.


 A spacious desk-high cabinet, partitions giving a sense of privacy or accessories enabling cables and wires to be organized are essential elements of every office. All items are available in


Pedestals – can accompany a desk or be a free standing item.


Lockable with a key, with the option of using electronically encrypted locks with the management system (through the application). Lockers can be with a slot that allows you to forward

Fabric partition walls

Ścianki działowe tapi

Upholstered walls facilitate the organization of office space. In addition, they mute sounds and give coziness.


The highest-quality Profi Premium wardrobes are perfect for office and cabinet areas. The shape of the cabinets is identical to the Profi model, but the back panel is made of


MAGIC reception unit in the MATT version is a piece of furniture with a distinct character. On the one hand, a simple, elegant form decorated with vertical staples of chromed

Complementary furniture

We recommend computer holders and keyboard shelves. In this category there is also a reception panel, tribunes and a multimedia table.


An additional option to enlarge the worktop space with extensions. There are various shapes and sizes so that you can create a comfortable and ergonomic workplace.

Coat hangers

Office and reception hangers. Metal hangers powder-painted in RAL colors from our sampler and a wooden hanger ND-6.

Fabric screens

Workstations can be divided and separated with fabric screens. They are solid and aesthetically made.  What’s more, they increase a sense of comfortability, creating a separate workplace for each employee.


The SORENO collection is a remarkable variation on the classic form of office furniture. A thick, solid desk top gives the impression of being supported on one side only. In


The ARCADIUS collection is a way to create a comfortable, inspiring work environment. Light, relatively thin tops of the desk and tables are supported on strong, metal frames. The frames,


The AUTTICA collection is on the one hand a timeless design, on the other – a unique ergonomics. The AUTTICA desk is a robust structure consisting of two tops juxtaposed


The BRAVO collection will enliven space by introducing positive energy and a pinch of extravagance. A simple desk, yet innovative and expressive in its form. The strong, metal frames in


BLOG & TRIO ranges are modern design and a wealth of arrangement options. BLOG & TRIO are two slightly different realizations of one idea, which was to create a system


BLOG & TRIO ranges are completed with the storage units. They are characterized by full compatibility with both systems. It is necessary to emphasize the huge range of arrangement possibilities


The GRAND range constitutes a reference to the traditional executive office, which expresses prestige and seriousness. The desk has built-in drawers – strong and functional at the same time. The


The OSKAR range is the quintessence of an elegant and at the same time balanced office style. A strong and massive desk. The roundings on the countertops and bases give


DIAMOND reception unit is a strong point of every space. It defines the space and establishes a peculiar center – just a glimpse and we know where to go. The

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