Desk SKY-2P

Ergonomic electrically adjustable desk. A polished overlay adds elegance. You can adjust the height of the desk to a comfortable working position.
Smooth height adjustment in the range from 650 to 1290 [mm], button operated.
Metal frame, powder coated in black, white or silver.
Desk feet with an overlay made of polished stainless steel.
Desktop made of 25 [mm] thick board, finished with a 2 [mm] thick edging.
Desktop without cable portals.
The frame is equipped with an anti-collision system.
The sensitivity can be adjusted (at 3 levels) with the SKY-5 memory module installed.
Noise level - max 43 [db]
Metal under-table beam with telescopic adjustment, equipped with two electric motors.
Three-column legs.



2797PLN netto

Where to buy?

INFOLINE 800 550 010